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About gastronomic restaurant Ôde Marine

The chef, Christophe Beucher had worked as a chef at gastronomic restaurants in Japan and in France including a Michelin star restaurant.

In 2011, he opened a restaurant “La Romance des Saisons” in Roman-sur-Isère, France. His dishes attracted a lot of people, but he sold it in 2015 being missed by customers. After that, he lived and worked in Japan for the second time. He acquired more knowledge and higher expertise of seafoods in Japan. Then, he came back to France in 2018 and he started a new restaurant in Bourg-de-Péage with the butler, Alban Bourret in 2019.

We offer original dishes combined French and Japanese food culture and ingredients, focusing on seafoods. And you will enjoy the best wines going well with the dishes.

The name of our restaurant, Ôde Marine, means “poems of the sea”. All our menus are “Omakase (Chef’s choice)”. The chef Christophe makes special dishes carefully, inspired by fresh and seasonal ingredients. We hope that you could feel the “poems of the sea” from his dishes.

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