All of our menus are “Omakase”.
“Omakase” is a Japanese expression ≪Chef,
I trust you≫.
Chef makes special
dishes for you with best products.
All the guests of the same table will agree on the same menu.

La sélection du Chef 39.00€
Appetizer / Starters / Mains /
Cheeses or Deserts * / Petits fours

L’Ôde Marine 69.00€
Served at dinner time on weekdays,
on Saturday and French public holidays.
You will take from 2 hours to 2 hours and a half to dine. 
Appetizer / Starters /
Middle / Fish / Meat /
Cheeses / Deserts / Petits fours

Menu Spécialité
(As quoted)
Served for 2 persons or more.
Appetizer / Starters /
About 1kg of a good whole fish
cheeses or Deserts * / Petits fours

*You can have both Cheeses and Deserts at a supplement of 8.00 €.